What is the Old School New Body workout?

Does Old School New Body F4x exercises really work?

Who is a Creator of Old School New Body e-book?

For the answers read my Old School Body review.

Old School New Body Review:

Old School New Body program promises to deliver results without requiring a heavy time-investment on your part.

By following the recommendations, steps and lifestyle changes given during this program, the creators claim that you simply will get best results in the smallest amount  of your time.

They promise to assist you achieve the slim body you’ve always wanted.

We do not get time to take care of our body’s needs as a result of the fast-paced lifestyle, but with this workout that needs you to do only 90 minutes per week, you’ll be able to live healthy.

It is an excellent buy for anyone who want to bring positive changes in their lives.

The Old School New Body is a great product to look younger and build a healthy looking body.

Old School New Body Review

The most effective part is that you can be as old as you want to start this program, the only thing you need is the determination and commitment to feel healthy and young.

Before you choose to buy the old school New Body program read this review to find out the benefits and disadvantages of this product.

This old school New Body program is one of the most effective programs which will provide you with results by making changes to your lifestyle, and your diet.

What Is Old School New Body?

The Old School New Body is a fitness program that aims to make you look lean and toned.

This program will help you to regain muscle which will eventually assist you in burning fat off.

This program involves a series of ‘low-weight’ workouts. the basic principles of this fitness program are low-weight and high-reps resistance workout.

This will help in building muscles, burning fat, and making your joints stronger.

Old School New Body is actually very easy and save fitness program.

The Old School New Body pdf essentially contains information about various exercises, diet, and lifestyle changes which will help you, especially those who are 40 years and above, to lose fat and build muscles

Steve and Becky Holman are the creators of this workout program, that will assist people get into shape safely and quickly.

What Is Old School New Body

The F4X Protocol 3 PHASES:


This workout is great for beginners or people that haven’t been in the gym in a while. It contains the 4 most effective exercises and you can use this workout for excellent results.

Since it is only 4 exercises it can be done in about 30 minutes 3 times per week.


When you are pressed for time or feeling lazy, this is an excellent option.

It will introduce you to the F4X method of training.

This plan is designed in such a way that you simply lose excess fat to the maximum and build up lean muscles.

It will assist you tone up your muscles and help your body get used to resistance training workout.


Once you have built your lean muscles after the first workout, you can move to the next phase.

This is for when you have more time and want to up the intensity.

It of course incorporates the 4 core exercises but it is once you want even faster results.

This workout plan contains more exercises, is longer and is a little more intense.


The workouts got to be done 3 times in a week and typically takes around 45 minutes to complete.

You need to make little changes in your lifting style, on nutrition and meals.

You don’t need to make any major changes.


This is the most intense of the 3 phases.

If you would like to build more muscle mass, then this is the best workout for you.

It is an advanced training plan for those people who seek to maximize their results,like a bodybuilders and that have been working out regularly for a while.

Workouts are still can be completed in less than a hour but it is done 4 times a week.


Creator of Old School New Body:

The old school New Body was created by Steve and Becky Holman.

Both of them are highly respectable in the fitness industry.

Creator of Old School New Body

Steve has written close to 20 books on weight training, diet, and nutrition.

Both of them are using this program and their fitness levels are an example of why this program is so successful.

How Does Old School New Body Works?

The program goes into detail on the history of how F4X was formulated as well as the core concepts on how you should do the exercises.

The F4X workouts induce intense muscle fatigue with moderate weights, making this an excellent workout option for every age.

Also, if you have not worked out for a long time,Old School New Body Program will be the perfect choice wherein your body is exercised enough without any unnecessary shock or impact to your body.

Even people up to their 70s can use this program, because of its customizable nature.

With that being said, this program works for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone their body, regardless of their age.

How Does Old School New Body Works

With its anti-ageing effect, it can also be a preventative measure for those in their late 30s or so.

They also include many motivational information and nutritional info.

The program is a quick and easy to follow.

The Old School New Body focuses not just on physical wellness but also takes care of the diet needed for a healthy life.

Also, it includes different phases so you can easily choose the one which suits you best.


  • There are different levels of workout available, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Exercises are easy and save to follow.
  • Developed by experienced and real experts.
  • It provides a 100% 60-day Money-Back guarantee.
  • There are so many positive customer testimonials.
  • Suited for anyone of any age.


  • Available only online.
  • Not a magic solution,results may take time to show.

Click here to visit the official website

My Old School New Body Free Bonuses:

Bonus #1:F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

This strips everything down to the absolute essentials so you can get started right away, without having to read 100 pages of text! Bonus #1F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

This covers all 3 Phases: LEAN, SHAPE, and BUILD.

Just pick the body style you want (shown in each section) and dive right in!

Bonus #2:Burn Fat Faster

  • How to use heat to speed fat burning
  • Why sleeping naked can improve leanness
  • What dessert can help fire up your metabolism
  • Nutrients and foods that can get you ripped

Bonus #2Burn Fat Faster

Bonus #3:Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics

  • Best nutrient to power up your pump
  • The fruit that can jolt new muscle mass
  • Mineral to take before bed to boost growth hormone
  • Food that can increase testosterone

Bonus #3Build More Muscle Natural Anabolics

Bonus #4:Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters And Anti-Aging Secrets.

  • Amazing wrinkle-reduction nutrients
  • 6 keys to add years to your life
  • Herb that can increase hair growth
  • Secrets to deeper, revitalizing sleep
  • Specific activity that heightens her sex drive
  • How to make arousal soar with one touch
  • The lust-surging nutrient combo
  • An aphrodisiac vegetable and dessert
  • An herb that new studies confirm can increase muscle, sex drive and fat burning

Bonus #4Keep the Drive Alive Sex and Attraction Boosters And Anti-Aging Secrets

Bonus #5:Live the Good Life:Health & Happiness Tactics.

  • 6 big keys to new happiness
  • A scent that can improve mood instantly
  • Nutrients and foods to relieve depression
  • How to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin

Bonus #5Live the Good LifeHealth & Happiness Tactics


Old School New Body is really an amazing program for any person who is new to having a workout routine centered around resistance training and needs a program which will bring great results in a short time.

You simple cannot go wrong with this one.

The creators have tried and tested the workouts and aware of how important diet is along with the physical exercises.

This is one more reason why you should try this program, as the Old School New Body diet plan ensures that you make the necessary lifestyle and diet changes in order that you gain the optimum benefit out of this excellent program.

And for people that are not pleased with the results, you can easily get your money refunded with a 100% 60-day Money-Back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose!!












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