In this SPADE Nutrition Review:

What is Nutrition SB-66?

Pros and cons of the Supplements

Spade SB-66 is a natural weight loss solution for obesity problem.

More and more people are have overweight problems.

It is clear, however, that most of the options currently on the market are simply unable to help us whit weight lose in the long term.

But in this review you will learn abut new weight loss solution in the form of SB-66 Super Foods Blend.

Supplement SB-66 is based around the concept of balanced weight loss and health.

SB-66 by Spade Nutrition is a super-food mix containing over 50 nutrient-rich ingredients.

Spade SB-66

Spade Super-foods Mix filled with 50+ and 100 % high-quality natural plant-based foods dehydrated and powdered.

This SPADE Nutrition will help you whit weight problems in save and healthy way,whit no side effects.

What is Spade Nutrition SB-66?

Losing weight can be a challenge for many people, with little or no outcomes , particularly as they change their diet and exercise routine.

Although such improvements will normally result in at least a few pounds being lost, some people are dealing with hormonal imbalances which make it hard to drop the weight.

Spade SB-66 nutrition will help you whit this problem.

Spade Super-foods mix is weight loss nutrition, which focuses on optimizing how fat cells are formed in your body.

So, fat cell development depends on SCD. Stem cell differentiation is the process of producing fat cells which is triggered by hormones such as Admats1 and cortisol.

A study performed by Dr Dan Larke at Stanford University came to the conclusion that a dietary supplement focused on plants would change the way SCD functions in your body.

Dr. Larke ‘s expertise in regenerative medicine contributed to the development of Spade SB 66, which forever changed the concept of weight gain.

If you use this super-foods mix supplement , a hormone named Adamts1 and the cortisol stress hormone will help with weight loss.

What Are the Spade Nutrition SB-66 Ingredients?

The key element focusing on this mixture is withania somnifera root extract, generally referred to as Ashwagandha.

Found mainly in India, it is the best-known route to lower the Cortisol level and trigger Adamts1 hormone production.

KSM-66 is produced using the roots of this plant & not the seeds. Ixoreal is the first company in the world to provide Withania Somnifera with the best quality standards.

This formula is important for rising the development of cortisol and supporting a healthy metabolism, according to the website.

This also provides improved energy levels in this supplement and improved defense against antioxidant.

What Are the Spade Nutrition SB-66 Ingredients



KSM-66 is the best extract from Withania Somnifera available in today’s world. It’s a strong adaptogen that battles tension and reduces Cortisol, which is responsible for Admast1 activation. This also promotes body mass and strength, a balanced thyroid and has decreased impacts on ageing.

This is grown in India,and made by a company called Lxoreal, Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha. Just the root part of the plant is used to produce the purest type, anything else is useless.

Reishi mushrooms

Also known for its immune effects, it can reduce body weight and avoid fat accumulation and weight gain. They function as a special prebiotic that affects the composition of the intestinal microbial community in a manner that enables the reduction of biological weight.


It is an exotic Southeast Asian tropical fruit which has elements that inhibit storage in fat cells. This complements KSM-66 well, and takes its place in SB-66. It therefore prevents the growth and development of fat cells and thus controls the total count of fat cells in the body.

Epigallocatechin or EGCG

Epigallocatechin or EGCG is a strong green tea extract used to boost the loss of weight. A new research reveals that EGCG will speed up a staggering 301% fat loss process.

Besides these four main ingredients, Spade SB-66 also has a mix of six types of herbs, fruits , and vegetables to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. Additionally , there are two hormone-regulating blends that reduce appetite and craving.

How does Spade Nutrition work ?

It really is pretty simple. You take it in a smoothie or similar every day, and then let the Super-foods mix do the rest.

The Spade SB-66 supplement is designed, through the hormone Adamts1, to target weight gain at its core.

This hormone will change stem cells to rapidly produce fat cells which is not ideal for those of you who choose to lose weight.

Stem cells in our body play a significant role in deciding how much weight our body will and can carry.

Several external factors cause the stem cell differentiation.

What we eat, what we do, how we act, how we sleep, how we feel stressed, anxiety.

As to if stem cells become heart cells, brain cells, lung cells or are transformed into unhealthy fat cells, the effect of these external factors decides.

The Spade Super-foods Blend has KSM-66 which is Withania Somnifera’s most powerful component— its root extract.

How does Spade Nutrition work

This supplement of super-foods mix will reduce the volume of cortisol and can in effect result in Adamst1 blockage.

Within 30 days of the consumption positive effects will be noticed.

Is Spade Nutrition have any side effects?

The Super-foods Blend SB-66 is a great product and very user friendly.

One scoop a day is a big boost for solving all of the problems.

SB-66 Supplement comes in powder form and must be blended with water or some other liquid each day.

It tastes so good that the sense of taste easily adapt to it after a few days, and it becomes an absolutely vital part of the diet.

Is Spade Nutrition have any side effects

If you drink it for at least 30 days, you will benefit Spade Nutrition and Dr Dan Larke’s promoted benefits and get great results.

Because each and every component included in Super-foods Blend SB-66 is 100 % natural and chemical-free, according to many Spade Nutrition reviews no side effects have been reported to date.

How much does Spade Nutrition cost?

Depending on the duration of the subscription several options are available.

All you need to do is click on the package you need.

You will then be brought to a 100% encrypted and protected checkout page, where you will need to type your simple order information and put the order.

Pros & Cons of Spade Nutrition:


  • No side effects– As the ingredients are 100% natural, Spade Nutrition does not have any side effects, not to mention the health benefits it provides
  • Simple to use– Only blend the SB-66 supplement scoop with water, or your preferred beverage. It is that easy to use.
  • Improves health considerably -Spade Nutrition Super-foods Blend not only helps to lose weight but also promises a number of other health benefits such as healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, supporting brain health, cardiac health, etc.
  • No diet plans or workouts!– All you need to do to achieve the incredible effects is take this supplement. There is no need for diet plans or exercises to get great result in save way.
  • Money-back guarantee -The SB-66 Super-foods mix comes whit 100% 365 days money-back guarantee!!!



  • The Spade Super-foods is not available on physical stores or Amazon, only on the company website.


Spade super-foods mix overview clearly shows that this is the best cure for all the weight gain issues.

They also managed to bring the finest products in the world together to create something that was never even commonly considered.

SB-66 will assist in managing new growth of fat cells.

It also provides numerous other benefits such as improving overall metabolic function, thyroid health, raising energy levels, healthy heart, elevating mood and bring in a positive impact in life.

Spade Nutrition will help you create the healthiest and most sexy body you crave.

Rapidly hit your ideal body weight and make sure you have the validated Spade SB-66 supplement plan to maintain the weight!

And the fact that this product has no side effects and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Makes this SB-66 supplement great solution for your weight problems.








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